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While we continue debating… Climate Change Defeats Us

Last summer in the northern hemisphere (2017) could be classified as one of the periods in which the force of nature was most devastating, hitting several category 5 hurricanes (cyclones), not only the Caribbean and North America, but also the coasts of Ireland. in the North Atlantic, an unprecedented event in our modern history. In turn, 8 degree earthquakes shook Mexico with high fatalities, and innumerable material and economic losses.

Natural phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, etc. Although it is unknown how to predict them, and they seem dissociated from each other, they are in practice mechanisms for the rapid release of excess energy from the planet. In other words, they are escape valves.

It is no coincidence then, that year after year these phenomena are of greater magnitude and destructive power, leaving the most vulnerable societies at the mercy of their force. Of course, the cause of all this is widely known and consists of just two words: Global Warming (GC).

CO2 is humanity’s #1 public enemy and is the main cause of GC due to its excessive concentration in the atmosphere, which prevents the Earth from releasing the heat it emanates into space. Paradoxically, it was the one that allowed life on the planet by maintaining reasonably stable temperatures through the greenhouse effect, and above the freezing point of water.

Is it all the fault of CO2?

The year 2015 marked a milestone in the scientific community of climate change when the barrier of 400 parts per million (ppm) concentration was exceeded at the station on the island of Mauna Loa (Hawaii), being the first time that this value was reported as a world average. The spokespersons indicated at that time that we were very close to the point of no return, and that we should take urgent action to stop the phenomenon, which would become “irreversible” at approximately 450 ppm.

In 2016, it was measured at 403.3 ppm (145% above pre-industrial levels), and in July 2017 it was possible to see how a billion-ton iceberg was generated in Antarctica when it broke off from the Larsen Block. C. Later that summer, 3 massive hurricanes were generated: Harvey, Irma and María, which practically in a row devastated vast territories such as the city of Houston (4 US city), the island of Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.

Unfortunately, the problem is not CO2. He is only the reflection of the wrong policies and techniques, as well as the lack of commitment that humanity has to overcome its fundamental issues, to individuals. That self-absorbed notion that is part of human behavior that leads us to be blind instruments of our own destruction, as Simón Bolívar referred to ignorant peoples.

In the 22nd edition, it was highlighted that oil could hardly be displaced, except for the abrupt appearance of an emerging technology, even in 2040, since, according to projections by the US Department of Energy, alternative sources, even when they have systematically permeated the the world economy, will be far from surpassing the generation of electricity, and vehicular consumption, of fossil energies.

Already at this point, defeating global warming and climate change goes from being a matter for politicians and elites, to being a personal vocation that everyone must project towards their third parties, in order to raise awareness of criteria such as energy efficiency (making the same, consuming less), renewable energy, recycling, and environmental protection (do not cut down, burn, throw objects into bodies of water), which are essential to repay this loan from our children, which is the planet.

In conclusion, there is no longer time to debate between possible actions to take. It is necessary, unrestricted support for efficient sources of energy generation, and the use of those local renewable resources; limit energy consumption and reach a great pact as a society to understand that these phenomena affect us all equally, and we are all the ones who have to take the actions to reverse it. That we can perfectly be the masters and lords of a desert, or fellow citizens in a land of grace as our planet is.

The person at stake for survival is human civility and its form of organization. The planet, as in all the milestones that have elapsed since the dawn of life, will inevitably follow its course and, if we do nothing, it will eventually adapt, only humanity will not be there to see it.

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