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Workers and their Safety

Covering the broad subject of industrial hygiene and even more deeply into the risk factors that can cause harm to the worker’s health, is something difficult but not impossible to do. Industrial hygiene is part of environmental engineering, dedicated to the recognition, evaluation and control of those environmental risk factors that originate in the workplace and that can cause diseases, damage to health or well-being. An epidemiological monitoring plan must be created and with this the problem is diagnosed, educated, evaluated and adjusted to the system; For this, industrial hygiene is subdivided into three areas:

  1. Theoretical hygiene where risk factors, contaminants in the work environment and the individual’s reaction are studied.
  2. Field hygiene that studies the hygienic situation (environmental diagnosis), analytics that makes quantitative and qualitative determinations of contaminating risks in workplaces; and finally;
  3. Operational hygiene that chooses and recommends risk control methods to seek the best health conditions for the worker, thus preventing the onset of diseases.

The achievement of these areas is achieved only with close interdisciplinary collaboration between MEDICINE, HYGIENE AND OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY .

Venezuelan legislation on industrial safety is on a par with first world countries. It is an instrument that covers all the branches inherent to the health of workers in the workplace. Now a change is required in their way of thinking in terms of their own vision of how they should handle themselves in the work environment, so that their safety is also their own responsibility. A person is considered responsible from the security point of view when:

  • Comply with established schedules
  • Respect your hours of rest,
  • Use safety equipment
  • Consider the recommendations of possible risk situations,
  • Respects the protocols established to carry out industrial operations,
  • Avoid the consumption of psychotropic substances and alcohol.

This way if the worker meets the requirements, the law enforcement effort will be 100% effective.

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